Nov 7, 2011

REVIT Architecture 2012

Revit 2012 has arrived. What's new? At a glance, it seems pretty similar to the 2011 version. Ten minutes into it, you start noticing the upgrades. One of the very first ones to notice: Filled regions can now give you areas! Check this video for a highlight of the main upgrades:

My top 5 upgrades:

1. Customized detail callouts and dimensions.

2. Continuous section lines in zig-zag cuts.

3. Painting and noting in 3D views.

4. Worksharing in colors.

5. And last but not least... many more linked elements are up for tagging and copy-monitoring.

Revit Architecture 2012 has been available since March 2011. Update Releases 1 and 2 came out this June and October, respectively. For more information about these releases, visit Autodesk. For a more comprehensive list of the 2012 upgrades, click here.


Sep 9, 2011


In the railings and metals world, NOMMA is the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Associations based in GA.

Something that may interest you and that you may have already in some specs are the 4 Joint Finish Categories they have produced:
Joint 1 No evidence of welded joint
Joint 2 Completely sanded joint, some undercutting and pinholes Ok
Joint 3 Partially dressed weld with spatter removed
Joint 4 Good quality, uniform undressed weld with minimal spatter

Needless to say, Joint 1 specifies the best quality weld. For more information, visit NOMMA's website.

Jul 20, 2011

Key Roofing Terms

Addicott, a roofing contractor, shares a comprehensive list of roofing terms and definitions on this web link. Enjoy.

Jul 15, 2011

Magnetic Paint!

How it works? Magnetized metal flakes. It is a primer. So you apply any paint finish you want - including chalk board paint.

This one can be a fun and easy project for your kids' rooms. Enjoy!

Apr 24, 2011

Bay Windows Turned into Garage Doors

Trying to add parking to your San Francisco real estate? Simple, turn those beautiful bay windows into retractable walls.
Corey and Ben McMills of McMills Construction had a problem.  Their investment property on Oak Street, near Ashbury and facing the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park, needed to have a garage built to enhance his tenant’s use of the building and maximize their rent.  Parking, as is true in much of San Francisco, is hard to find in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood and is almost more valuable than living space.  They turned to Beausoleil Architects for help.

The project still needs a little finish carpentry and painting, but you can get the idea in the photos and video below.

Garage door closed                                             Garage door open