Oct 21, 2010

Find of the Day

Best Google find today... a webpage that translates Autocad commands from/to:
EN: English commands - CZ: České příkazy - DE: Deutsche Befehle - FR: Français commandes - ES: Español comandos - IT: Italiano comandi - PT: Português comandos - PL: Polskie polecenia - RU: Русскиe команды

Click here, brought by the CAD Forum.

Oct 20, 2010

Backsplash Design

"Little" things as blacksplash details escape some people's minds. However, they matter and make a difference. These days, the traditional 4 inch high backsplash doesn't appeal to everybody. If that's your case, go "fullsplash". Houzz has some fantastic full height backsplash ideas for home improvement junkies - all in tile. Of course, tile is just one of the options, you have glass, metals or more natural stone.

Keep in mind tough that whether you like your backsplash to be 4 inches or 24, definitely do something about covering your drywall. If you like the 4" look that matches your 3/4" thick counters, I recommend using 1/2" thick backsplash. It'll look less "chunky" while still doing the job. Details do make a difference.

Oct 10, 2010

The Architect Quiz

Yes, take it.
There I am, browsing online, reading as much as any slow reader can read 5 tabs at a time, and voila, about.com showing up in my google chrome search with an infamous "architect quiz"...!
What was it about? (pun intended) Apparently, being a good listener and a good communicator are big pluses... For a career quiz, I found it somewhat superfluous, and yet somewhat intriguing.

Oct 1, 2010

Find of the Day

Finding out whether your concrete walls contain rebar is a simple process, use a metal detector. But if you want to know what size rebars are, you'll be glad to know that for the modest price of $3,0725.00, your questions are answered with great accuracy.

There it is, a rebar locator designed to meet all your site visit inspections at once... anyone?