May 5, 2009


Something interesting all architects and designers should know: Do all microwaves open from the right?

Pretty much. While few microwave doors open swinging down or come out like drawers, conventional microwave doors open like traditional swing doors do. And when it comes to the traditional microwave door, yes, there is only 1 kind of swing: the one that opens from the right. So there you are, pulling your microwave door from the right, pushing the control buttons on the right, and putting your lunch meal from the right hand side.

For those looking the left-handed option, not your lucky day. There is no limited edition left swing, adjustable door, mirrored-door version... nada.

While this right swing microwave works in some layouts, it is not ideal for all. It is definitely something to keep in mind when designing your next kitchen, kitchenette, break room...

Microwave makers, would you mind making a left-swing version? Please respond at your earliest convenience...