Sep 11, 2009

the Basket Building

Along the lines of iconic buildings and eye catching structures, don't forget about the 'basket building'. It is literally designed to resemble a picnic basket. Hats off to the client for sticking to their ideas and not following the status quo. The architect, NBBJ. The building, a monument to pure EIFS construction. EIFS, Exterior Insulation Finishing System

Longaburger Baskets, the homestead, golf course, factory, and giant basket office building.

Zanesville, OH

The best surreal and approaching view to the Basket Building is going through 37. History has it that they were originally planning on adding a napkin, and salt & pepper shackers to serve as entrance elements. Personally, I'm glad they didn't.

Ohio, state of the most beautiful sky.


  1. This building scares me...and not just because I keep expecting giant ants to show up looking for the crumbs!

  2. this building is amazing, i wonder who was the archtect of it.

  3. the architect was the idea that salt and pepeer shakers could have been added sounds pretty scary to me too...