Jan 5, 2010

REVIT Surprises 101

So this one happens a lot in Revit: “where is it? I know I drew it in there, but now it’s gone.”

A few troubleshooters:

1, change the scale

2, change the detail level

3, show hidden elements

4, check the view template or visibility graphics (VG) for the view you are in

5, check that you are in the right construction phase

6, are you looking for a model element, or an annotation element? You might be in the wrong view if you are only looking for annotation elements.

7, if possible, use the “show” button in the program

8, change the “model graphic style” of your view to “wireframe”, maybe the element you are looking for is “underneath” something else.

9, zoom out (ZE), it could be far from your building/project.

...But most importantly, whatever your solution is, think about how you can proceed next time, so you don't have to go through these steps again.

Happy 2010.

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