Feb 21, 2011

Replacing Existing Single Pane Windows

Good old windows, charming but drafty. To fix the problem, we hear the solution is to replace them entirely. Sure a single pane window doesn't offer the best U-value available, but don't to run to the closest hardware store just yet.

A double pane window sounds more energy efficient than its single pane counterpart. It became available in the 70's as an improvement and solution to the heat loss single panes represented. Nowadays, window solutions go above and beyond contractor grade. You'll find low emissivity glass, tinted windows and triple pane fenestrations with argon gas, just to name a few. All with the promise to keep your heating bills low. But exactly how much will you save?

The average window and installation runs for 400 US dollars. Is it worth the investment? That depends how long you are willing to wait. We have run into this very interesting article that you should read before tearing out your old windows. This article does the math and suggests that the ROI is well over 20 years. We assure you you'll think twice before going for this big investment. Adding storm windows sounds just a good.

PD. To play devil's advocate, we can argue that getting new windows will greatly increase the curb appeal of your home, increase the potential sell value of your home and get you a tax credit in 2011 when using Energy Star labeled windows... Something to think about. 

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  1. After doing a window replacement ROI study for a particular project, my payback time was 36 years!