Jun 20, 2010

Revit 2011 - the New

Some exciting new features that are part of Revit Architecture 2011 that I wanted to share with you:

  • Repeat last command – via right-click or enter
  • Entering commands – In previous versions, you had to select the object, then the command. In 2011, you can first select the command, then the object.
  • Easier modification to the hotkeys/shortcut keys
  • Additional structural components
  • Customizable elevation tags
  • Text improvements
    • Auto-numbering
    • Lists with bullets
    • Text justification
    • Leaders off both sides of text
    • Easy modification to location of leaders
  • Sheet list improvements – don’t need to create dummy sheets to get the consultants’ drawings to show up on the index of drawings
  • Easy modification to the look of temporary dimensions
  • Realistic texture is a view style so you don’t have to do a rendering
  • Can add background images (of beautiful scenery or the surrounding city, etc.) when rendering
  • Linked Revit files
    • Can tag through linked files – walls, doors, windows, etc. (Must watch for duplicate numbers though)
    • Can apply view filters to linked Revit files
  • Sunpath – easier modification
  • System enhancements
    • Faster program startup
    • Faster file opening
    • Faster save-to-central
  • Reporting dimensions in families – do not affect the geometry but can be used in schedules/formulas.

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